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ANNOUNCE: debian party in San Jose, Marth 3rd

All debian people in town for LinuxWorld Expo are invited to a party,
following the expo on Wednesday, March 3rd. We will be going out to a
restraunt or some other venue in San Jose (to be determined, suggestions
welcome), and celebrating the release of debian 2.1 (or if it isn't released
on time, just celebrating). A featured guest is Wichert Akkerman, leader of
the debian project.

To attend, stop by the Debian booth (#1445) on Wednesday just before the
expo closes, at 6pm. We will gather there and drive to the party location.
Or drop by our website at http://kitenet.net/~bad/linuxworld.html in the
next few days for further details.

Attention debian developers and developers to be: bring your pgp keys!

see shy jo

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