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Quick Things, nothing big and/or controversial :)


Okay, first things first.

Can somebody give me a rough estimate in megabytes of how much disk *all
source packages* require? I need to know this for a LARGE project I am
about to undertake at work. Secondly, is there somewhere where *all*
Debian source packages are? ie; FTP site, CD-ROM vendor, something like

Now, on to item two. Are there any Debian developers in the
Cleveland/Akron area? If you are in the Cleveland/Akron area, please email
me *privately*. (Read; DON'T CC: Debian-Devel.) There are some things that
I need to discuss with a local developer, in person, in relation to the
job that I just accepted.

And finally, over the coming weeks, I will be doing what I can where
needed, and I will be trying to reply to email as quickly as possible, but
I can't make any promises. I just accepted a position with Unicent Telecom
today, and I have a LOT of paperwork that has to be done PRIOR to the
start date. I will be revoking my current PGP key set. I will also likely
be unsubscribing this address and subscribing addresses at the new job as
soon as I start. If you have my PGP public key in your ring, please revoke
or remove it on March 8th, 1999, to avoid any possible problems. Thanks
much. :)

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