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Re: Intent to Party like its 1999

George Bonser wrote:
> Since the show is in SJ, we should probably have something in the South
> Bay for the folks that will be visiting.  Driving to SF from SJ in the
> evening on a weeknight is not a picnic.

This is a very good point.

Hm. I could probably organize a north bay carpool and get most north bayers
down there, if necessary. But it'd have to start after 6:30pm or we'd
certinly be late (I can't leave until 5 myself).

The alternative is to just push it back until Tuesday, then we could do it
after the Debian booth closes, which lets us advertise it at the booth some,
and ensures that a lot of north bay people are already in San Jose.

> I could also suggest a place in San Mateo called Barley&Hopps that is also
> a microbrew place. If you like the blues, you will like this place. Pretty
> nice. That kind of splits the difference. It is right at the San Mateo
> cal-train station too so you can catch the train up from SJ or down from
> SF ... no need to drive.

Personllay, I'd like a place that's a good place to have a conversation in.
That's about the extent of my preferences.

see shy jo

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