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Re: Debian and StackGuard

On Fri, Feb 26, 1999 at 11:24:29PM +0100, kevin@bestkevin.com wrote:
> Hi,
> ok, I talked about it many months ago but...when I think that something is
> right I can't stop that :) so...slink is near to be released, why is so
> hard to make a parallel version of it with all security related
> and involved packages compiled with StackGuard ? Nobody was able to make
> me change idea that it should be a good way to propose Debian to the
> world...
> I think that best ppl that should do that are maintainers, which have
> sources and have only to change path to compiler or something like that
> (never used SG, only heard about it)...
> I hope this time someone else will agree with my idea ;)

a) I don't want to compile every package twice just to make some silly
stack guard binary
b) not all packages need this, who wants a stackguarded ls?
c) we don't need to increase the size of our already huge archive just
for this purpose
d) we don't need to be chasing bugs in stackguarded binaries that all
trace back to stackguard itself for several hundred packages

Maybe you should setup a build daemon, get your own server, and start
compiling. Should be very easy right? Bandwidth is cheap, systems are
cheap, time is cheap (severe sarcism).

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