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Intent to Party like its 1999

TIME:  Slink release - 3 days 1 hours

We are mere hours away from the largest IRC party Debian has ever
thrown -- bigger than Bo, bigger even than Hamm.  :-)

The release of 2.1 "Slink" will happen:

        in Australia:   at 11:00 AM ACT on Tuesday Mar 2
        in Europe:      at 0:00 midnight UTC on Tuesday Mar 2
        in America:     at 7:00 PM EDT on Monday Mar 1
                           4:00 PM PDT

Debian's developers and users are already gathering on IRC channel
#debian, irc.debian.org.  Everyone is invited for the Great Event,
which will begin 2 hours before and probably last well into the night
-- or afternoon as the case may be.

There's a live countdown page at http://netgod.net/ which will also
cover the LinuxWorld Expo that begins the same day.  Debian
developers will be there in force to give away thousands of CDs.

Over 80 people are on the #debian channel already.  If you'd like to
join us just point your IRC client at one of these servers:

        irc.us.debian.org      irc.eu.debian.org
        irc.au.debian.org      irc.linux.org

(See http://www.openprojects.net/services/irc.html for more servers.)

And since irc.debian.org is linked with the Linux Internet Support
Cooperative (http://www.linpeople.org/), there are plenty of experts
around to help with things like ppp, sound, and X setup.

If you don't already have a linux console IRC client, try installing


And invoking it like this:

    bitchx "-c#debian"

Chat clients for other operating systems are available at

Hope to see you there.  :-)

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