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LD_PRELOAD and libc5 problem.

Hi :

I have some programs compiled with libc5, so I have been installed all need 
oldlibs. all programs ran good except one.

There is one program that call to _pututline libc5 routine. My actual libc5 do 
not have this routine (It have pututline) so I am write a little shared library 
to implement this routine (_pututline) by calling pututline. This was compiled 
using the gcc-libc5 compiler.

Also I am write a bash script to call these program setting previously the 
LD_PRELOAD environment variable. For "root" the program ran without   problems, 
but using as "normal user" the program do not run. Using strace the I find that 
LD_PRELOAD variable are not work.

Someone have any idea or suggestions for this problem?

Thank in advance.

                           Hernán J Cervantes Rodríguez
                           Instituto de Física da USP
                           e-mail   : hernan@if.usp.br
                           homepage : http://fge.if.usp.br/~hernan/

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