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[URGENT] Logo license

I'm afraid I've let this linger way to long... People: we need
logo licenses, and soon!

I propose we start by determining what will be (dis)allowed in the
licenses and then write it up properly.

How about this for a simple start:

`liberal license'
I. Can be used by everyone
II. May not be used to advertise non-free products

`official license'
I. may only be used if:
   a) the product it is used for is made using a documented procudere we
      make (for example official CD-creation)
   b) if we give approval for its use

II. may be used if an official part of debian (decided using the rules
in I) is part of the complete product, if it is made clear that only
this part is officialy approved

III. We reserve the right to revoke a license for a product, if (some
  conditions here)


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