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Bumblebees are the best bees Was: Re: Orcas are homosexual!

> I think one of those huge terminite hils you see in Nth Queensland &
> the NT would be a cool logo :)

Yes these are spiffy.  I also favor the bumble bee though.  It has the
interesting property of having wings which entymologists say should no way
allow them to fly.  The bumble bee's stubborn persistence in doing so was
last I checked as item of interest to NASA, the airforce, and others who
have a stake in such matters.  Bumble bees are also the cutest bees by far
and are very peaceful.  You can if you are so inclined carefully stroke
their furry little (well in insect terms not so little) posteriors without
upsetting them much.

Britton Kerin

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