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Re: Debian/GNU NetBSD


On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Anonymous wrote:

8< SNIP! >8
> Debian would be STUPID to try to use NetBSD code in any of its projects.

At the risk of getting back into this godforsaken argument, which I really
don't need right now, (I'm going to be sending out a notice as to why in a
moment.) I've got to ask.

How in the HELL did it suddenly become Debian GNU/NetBSD? Last I checked,
we were talking Debian GNU/FreeBSD or Debian GNU/OpenBSD. Never once have
I advocated NetBSD, because I know that that it *will* degrade into a
fiasco much like the one with Theo. 

I will not, and cannot advocate *any* project involving NetBSD for this
very reason. When people ask me what OS should they use for their
webserver, it's either Linux, FreeBSD, or OpenBSD. NetBSD's core is
disorganized, argumentative, and as has been proven, openly hostile and
hateful at times. If you have problems upstream, they spread downstream,
and all hell breaks loose within a short while.

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