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E debs, get them while they're hot...

After discussion with Brian, we agreed that I take over as unofficial
maintainer for the CVS debs of E.

(I announced this on the E list before, this is a reminder).

The apt-magic is

deb http://www.debian.org/~jules/e-cvs debs/

Also, for the paranoid, you will find signed changes files there.

Old versions will persist in old-debs until I clean them out by hand (in
case something goes wrong with a new version :) 

This version is not compiled from Brian's rules file (quite).  I have
split the packages so each theme is in a separate package.  Unfortunately,
you cannot avoid having shiny-metal installed, since it contains the
DEFAULT symlink.  I will fix this in a future release.

Menus should work - both the Gnome menu, and the Debian menu, since the
Debian menu is within the Gnome menu.

Iconisation should work.  There is a pager in one of the gnome-packages -
stick it on your panel, it's called 'gnome-pager'.

Configuration will not be up to date.  There's an e-conf capplet in jim's
gnomecc, which works, but doesn't have all the features of the latest
e-conf.  Launching e-conf from the root menu won't work at all.

Theme switching should work, and the window manager is very usable now. 

It also now comes with an 'FX' archictecture, or at least the beginnings
of one.  Check out the 'ripple' effect :)

All bugreports directly to me, please.

Oh, and BTW, I recommend tigert's brushedmetal theme, which comes with
this version.


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