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Request to package BurnIT

I got this email a while ago from the BurnIT author. It seems he would
like to see his program in our distribution. I took a look at it but
didn't get around to packaging it, mostly since it needs swing, which
isn't package yet. If anyone feels like doing this please do so, the
upstream author seems like a very cooperative person who we'ld be
happy to help in the packaging.


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From: Jesper Pedersen <jews@imada.ou.dk>
Subject: Burning programs
To: wakkerma@debian.org
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 09:47:12 +0100 (MET)


I can see that you maintain the xcdroast package for Debian.

I just want you send this link, since BurnIT has alot more features
and will run on all platforms support by Debian.

Try the development (1.x) version since it is the most stable for all
platforms. The BurnIT-1.0.x series are only considered stable for Linux/x86.

BurnIT homepage:



 Jesper Pedersen
 Author of BurnIT

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