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ssh for dos


As suggested I move this on devel. 

Samuel Tardieu wrote:
> PS/ why debian-private rather than debian-devel here?
I didn't started it on devel as I wasn't subscribed on it and I wanted
to avoid the big ammount of messages from here :-)

> On 25/02, Ionutz Borcoman wrote:
> | Wouldn't be preferable for debian to provide at least ssh (maybe other
> | packages also) compiled for DOS/Win$$ ? In a tar.gz format, not .deb
> | one. At least till we have a dpkg for Win$$ ?
> I fail to see how it is Debian's job to provide ways of connecting onto
> any box which uses ssh. Moreover, if people really need ssh on a box,
> they may install Debian on it rather than staying with DOS :-)

I haven't said it is. But let's take this simple example: I'm a student
and don't have money for paying for a ssh licence. From time to time I'm
away from my machine and need to connect to it. I have access to
sombody's PC with WIn$$. The guy doesn't care about my Debian box, as
much as i don't about his Win$$. What can I do now: look on the net for
a free ssh or try to use a trial version. I've try the latest version of
ssh from f-prot and I wasn't able to connect to my machine. I was able
to use other program with ssh support from my friend's PC. 

But can I trust that program ? How do I know the guy that posted that
binary didn't hacked it and every time I connect, my password and
account isn't e-mailed to him ? Actually this is my concern. 

And my lovely box is Debian but my friends loves Win$$. It's a free
world, they have the right of their own wrong options, isn't it ? I
can't tell them: I want to check my e-mail or do something else on my
machine and I need ssh: please erase this joke and put a Linux.

Concluding my long lamentations: What I would like to see is a ssh
compiled for dos distributed on the debian-non-us ftp sites. As I have
said, I  understood that the package have been ported succesfully. The
only needed thing is to be compiled and distributed by a trusted party,
aka Debian.



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