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Re: slink_cd: still waiting on final boot/install setup

Edward Betts writes:
>On Tue, 23 Feb, 1999, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> CD 1: main binary section 1, bootable where possible . Will work
>>       standalone, dependencies are being checked to make sure of this.
>> CD 2: main binary section 2, bootable where possible. Also contains
>>       contrib section (binary and source). These 2 discs should work as
>>       they are, no unmet dependencies for main section, maybe some contrib
>>       -> non-free. Non-US is _not_ going on the official disks.
>> CD 3: main source section 1, arch-independent
>> CD 4: main source section 2, arch-independent
>How was it decieded what should go on CD1? all but extra or based on the
>popularity contest (so putting all the hamm radio stuff on the second disk)?

I wish "all but extra" would fit! No, it's slightly more complicated. The
list of files used in the default systems on the boot floppies are put
onto CD 1, along with all remaining Important/Standard/Required packages.
To this are added a list of packages (called slink1.useful in the slink_cd
package) that I thought should go there. People on debian-cd gave feedback
for this too. The dependencies on disk 1 are checked, to make sure it will
stand alone if necessary...

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