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Re: debian-gtk-gnome created

On Tue, Feb 23, 1999 at 07:57:35PM -0800, Jim Pick wrote:
> David Huggins-Daines <dhd@debian.org>:
>   gglyph

I've kind of orphaned this package upstream (since I wrote it) and I'm not
sure what do about it for potato.  It's going to take some work to make it
compatible with GTK/Glib 1.1, and it'll probably be obsoleted by the new
GNOME print architechture.

This is sort of off-topic, but how would I go about getting it removed from
potato?  (No need to worry about this now...)

dhd@maclinux.plcom.on.ca (wearing my Linux/m68k+Mac+Debian hat)
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