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Re: is GNOME the future default desktop?

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Navindra Umanee wrote:

> Montreal Wed Feb 24 12:29:17 1999
> According to the GNOME website:
>        GNOME has been selected by both the Debian distribution and Red
>        Hat Software as their desktop environment for the future.
> Is the above statement correct?  Does this mean GNOME/Enlightenment
> will be the default Debian desktop and that KDE has been ruled out
> already?

KDE had been ruled out for licensing reasons.  If, as currently seems
possible, these licensing issues are resolved, then the question is an
open one.  Debian may have to make a definite decision at some stage, or
we may simply offer the alternatives at equal priority in the install

As far as possible, Debian is not in the business of recommending one
piece of software over another.  In practice, we have to sometimes (for
example, exim is now our default MTA).


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