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Re: Bug#33732: vim-perl: vim is unaware of gziped helpfiles


Ship's Log, Lt. Wichert Akkerman, Stardate 230299.0226:
> Can you check if your /etc/vimrc still has the gzip things in there?

ok .. sorry for the inconvenience .. I have not checked if there is a

Now everything works fine.

I think that all the new files should be collected and after the install
somewere listed. I have no idea which of the >2200 Packages on my computer
did ask me if I want to have a new file or not.

2ndly if a script, mainly an install script changes a file, this should be

2 examples of my l8est instalation:

vimrc: I said No and vim did not work.
xdm: I said Yes and xbanner did not work anymore ...

So saying yes or no doesn't matter it will not work afterwards ...
(ok, the other way round and both would have worked, but how should I know ...)

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