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Re: FVWM 2.2 officially released

> > (1) Have fvwm become an empty package (priority extra) which Depends:
> >     fvwm2.  OK.
> No.  This is a vomitous solution; do not be seduced into using it.

OK -- you would probably know best 8-)

> > (3) Use some nice, new Replaced-by: feature or similar.  If it
> >     exists.
> It doesn't exist.  Yet.  Jason Gunthorpe says it is impossible to implement
> in the fully general form that people want.  I trust his judgement, but I'd
> still like to see a while paper on the subject.  :)

Shame that...

> Thanks for taking over fvwm; it's nice to see it actively maintained again.

Pleasure!  Let's see if I can learn enough X to make a decent job of



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