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Re: orphaning all non-free software I maintain

On Fri, 19 Feb, 1999, Joey Hess wrote:
> I find I no longer obtain any pleasure or take any pride in working on
> non-free software. I also need to lighten my workload. Therefore, I am
> orphaning the following non-free packages:
> abuse-sfx
> bsdgames-nonfree

If nobody else has take it I would like in and its sister package bsdgames

> cthugha
> distributed-net
> gravitywars
> quake-lib
> squake
> xmap-dmotif
> xmap-smotif
> xquake
> xtrojka
> And all of festival:
> 	festival, festlex-cmu, festlex-oald, festlex-poslex, festvox-don,
> 	festvox-ellpc11k, festvox-ellpc16k, festvox-kallpc16k,
> 	festvox-kallpc8k, festvox-kdlpc16k, festvox-kdlpc8k, filters-nonfree,
> 	speech-tools
> I'm also willing to give up various other packages that depend on these
> non-free packages, or that should probably be maintained in conjunction with
> these non-free packages, ask me for details.
> I'll wait a reasonable length of time and upload any packages that have not
> been taken with debian-qa as their maintainer.
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> see shy jo
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