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Re: soliciting opinions about potential new cron/at features.

Brian Mays <brian@debian.org> writes:

> Why don't you have the system run a program from cron every so often
> that processes Gnucash files for all users and does the automated
> transactions that you want to do?  This would be similar to the '-a'
> feature of the calendar program.

I thought I replied to this, but didn't see the reply in the list.

Why have a daemon do anything if no users are using gnucash, or if no
users have any automatic transactions scheduled?

[A sudden thought...]

I suppose if people really are opposed to the cron modifications, we
(the GnuCash people) can just take the cron source, rename it to
gnucashd, have /var/spool/gnucash/automatic/<user> and require the
everyone to install it, but <yuck>, this seems *way* less elegant than
just fixing cron to handle the situation, and with this approach
gnucashd won't automatically benefit from fixes to cron and vice

I don't like it, it seems wasteful, and is probably less secure than
just using cron, but it is a viable solution I hadn't thought of until

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