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Orphaning some packages & Intent/Request to package cdcd


Due to the unbelievable time demands made on me by my job, I need to
orphan some of my packages.  Right now, the following are up for

pwdb - Password database library [*]
rx - regex library               [+]
pmake - BSD make                 [@]

I'll see how things go before orphaning any more.  If no one takes
them in say, 2 weeks time, I'll upload them all with Debian QA as the

Does no one else use cdcd and want to package it?  If not, I will.
(Esp. since some kind individual has already packaged libcdaudio)


[*] I would give this up, even if I were still at Uni.  I don't like
    what the new Debian maintainer has already done to the PAM
    packages or the direction he's taking them[~].  Be aware this
    package, if not so already, will probably be obsoleted by his

[+] This has several new upstream releases, all of which are hideously
    non-free (but on the GNU ftp site.. *sigh*).

[@] Joel (K) claimed to take this over at one point, but that was a
    couple of months ago, and I haven't seen an upload.  Please check
    with him before taking this one.

[~] This is a pet peeve, I have neither the time, energy nor
    inclination to back up with rational arguments.

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