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Re: Diskless boot NFS server image


> >I think you can change this by a DHCP parameter. In principle this
> >is also possible with BOOTP but the limited size of BOOTP packages
> >may truncate this boot option.
> Do you know what parameter?

This might be the relevant part from rfc 2132:

3.19. Root Path

   This option specifies the path-name that contains the client's root
   disk.  The path is formatted as a character string consisting of
   characters from the NVT ASCII character set.

   The code for this option is 17.  Its minimum length is 1.

    Code   Len      Root Disk Pathname
   |  17 |  n  |  n1 |  n2 |  n3 |  n4 | ...

Regards, Thomas

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