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Re: debian rsync mirrors busy all the time

On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Joey Hess wrote:

> I keep a small local debian mirror synced using rsync. I'm been using
> debian.midco.net and it's worked fine, but this past week debian.midco.net
> always has it's max connections in use and I can't connect to it. I tried
> saens.debian.org and it has the same problem. Are there any other rsync
> mirrors out there I could use, or could the limits on these possibly be
> bumped up?

The problem unfortunately is that rsyncd doesn't timeout properly (ever)
and you end up with all sorts of dead rsync's taking up slots. Added to
that is the fact that each rsync uses 20 meg of ram, you can see why
limiting to 10 is reasonable!


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