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Re: problem with debhelper?

John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu> writes:

> 	Strip creates temp files that look like sta....,
> Strip can  crash  before it has a chance to delete them.  There
> was a bug a while ago in strip that caused it to crash on things,
>  so i just avoided stripping the 
> offending binaries. 

yeah, it turns out i was trying to strip an empty library and strip
didn't like it. anyway, i am getting closer to having a working arla
debian package. one question, since this is in non-us and i am in the
states, i assume that i can't upload the package. can i make the diffs
and the dsc available for someone in the free world to build this, or
will i get into trouble? i see that Gregory Stark (gsstark@mit.edu) is
listed as the maintainer for arla. can you have a us maintainer for a
non-us package?


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