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FYI - binary-arm flushed

If the sid/*/binary-arm trees seem empty all of a sudden, it's because they

The debian-arm community is in the process of moving to versioned glibc2.1, 
and we have just completely broken binary compatibility with what we've been
running.  Our motivation is compatibility with the rest of the ARM Linux 

Therefore, I have just flushed the architecture-specific .debs from the 
binary-arm trees under sid on master.  Jim Pick has made a new base image 
available along with installation instructions on the debian-arm list.  We're 
about to begin recompiling and uploading everything from scratch. 

Anyone interested in helping, or following the progress, is invited to join
the debian-arm mailing list.  

I suspect emptying an architecture is momentous enough to get noticed, so I
thought I'd let you all know what we're up to...  :-)  This should have 
absolutely no effect on anyone who is not running Debian on ARM.


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