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Re: problem with debhelper?

Alex Romosan wrote:
> am i the only one who gets the following when trying to use the latest
> debhelper:
> dh_strip -Xxfs.o
> strip: debian/tmp/usr/lib/sta06963: Invalid operation
> dh_strip: command returned error code
> make: *** [binary-arch] Error 1
> dpkg-buildpackage failed: Illegal seek
> there is no debian/tmp/usr/lib/sta06963 directory but there is a
> debian/tmp/usr/lib/stb06963 (where the number, of course, changes
> every time you try to build the package).
> this is with debhelper 1.2.37, but the same thing happens with 1.2.38.

What on earth are you trying to build? Debhelper certianly isn't responsible
for creating the gooded up binary named sta06963 or whatever that is
confusing strip.

see shy jo

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