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AW: Debian Logo Contest

| -----Ursprungliche Nachricht-----
| Von:	Andreas Tille [SMTP:tille@physik.uni-halle.de]
| Gesendet am:	Thursday, February 18, 1999 7:33 PM
| An:	djthomp@okstate.edu
| Cc:	Martin Schulze; Debian Development List
| Betreff:	Re: Debian Logo Contest
| On Thu, 18 Feb 1999 djthomp@okstate.edu wrote:
| >   When people were talking about a new contest, I simply assumed that a
| > new contest meant canceling the old one.  If that is not the case,
| > forgive me my assumption.
| I would like to see it this way.  Save the time of the people which
| are intended to do things which couldn't be accepted.  I hope this
| is a fair intention and I never want to embarrass someone who wants
| to support the project.

Well, let's put an end to this: introduce a second contest which is more 
open regarding the tools for creation. So, those sticking to gimp as the 
required tools shall go on submitting onn contest.gimp.org and all those 
not willing or able to fulfill this requirement should use another one, say 
opencontest.debian.org or so.

At the end of the contest, the best logo(s)  from each contest is (are) 
brought into competition. If the gimp-one rules our the immorals'  logo, 
just fine ... if not, they might come around and try to rebuild it using 
gimp/fig whatsoever, which *IS* possible.

Although this doesn't solve the inherent conflict of using non-free 
software, it could provide a solution.

| Quite a bad thing for us I think.  Let us stick to the old one until
| we really find a good logo.  It's the debian common sense:  Let us

I absoluteley agree to you in this point ...

| > > A logo should last a lifetime.  We should not change our logo every n
| > > years.  This would terminate the goal of recognizability (sp?).
| ... in this sense ...

...if Joey's request for an everlasting logo should be halfway fulfilled. 
Btw: The logo doesn't really need to be lasting forever, but a trendy 
redesign should be possible without kicking it .... look at the beloved 
microsoft logo ... those who remember the old times.


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