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Re: [RfS] Request for Submissions: Upcoming Debian Logo

On 18 Feb 1999, John Lapeyre wrote:

> 	"stylized" is the word.  Sun's letters are stylized.
The Sun logo is good in style and addresses the people sun wants to
attract.  We want to attract other (more) people than Suns customers.
We don't have the luck of suche a logo-friendly name :-).  So we 
can't copy the Sun idea as well as we can't play "Here comes the sun"
in the idle slope when calling Sun support :-). This wouldn't fit
our project.

>  IBM's are
> in a unique font or something.  But they are both  three letters long
> and can be made into something that looks kind of like one symbol.
Look at this old giant.  This "logo" fits exactly the spirit of the

Kind regards


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