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Re: It's Time to Talk About Free Software Again

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 10:07:20AM +0100, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 February 1999, at 19 h 29, the keyboard of Bruce Perens 
> <bruce@k6bp.hams.com> wrote:
> > 		It's Time to Talk about Free Software Again
> I agree. Can we suppress "Open source" on www.debian.org's home
> page? Bruce, what about a bug against www.debian.org with a Severity
> of wishlist :-)

Wait a moment. I have to say that I welcome back Bruce, too. Still,
I'd like to see a little bit more background information on this
before we do anything like this.

What exactly has ESR done wrong wrt Open Source (apart from his ego
and from his personal views that I don't necessarily share) ? What
exactly is the status of the Open Source quality mark ? Who is
responsible for the mark ? Is it SPI, who applied for it ? Is it
Bruce, who signed the appliance ? Is it Eric, or is it OSI ? Who is
responsible for www.opensource.org ?

The name www.opensource.org does suggest that it's the semi-official
web presense of OSI. The Open Source Definition on this page is still
at 1.0 and therefore identical with our DFSG. Has Eric infact done
something that violates this definition ? Has he done something that's 
against the spirit of this definition ? Were there any efforts to
relax the terms of the definition ? 

While ESR's marketing of the term is questionable, is the term really
lost for us ?


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