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Re: web based configuration

On Thursday 18 February 1999, at 0 h 10, the keyboard of Dave Swegen 
<dave@recursive.prestel.co.uk> wrote:

> I have just started learning perl, and I thought it might be interesting to
> write some form of system configuration tool using CGI.

IMHO, it would be a very good idea (see my thread on "webmin", since the 
upstream author did not reply at all, I'll probably have to cancel my intent 
to package).

The tools which exist:

- webmin <http://www.webmin.com/webmin/> is technically the best but horribly 

- pingOO <http://www.linuxedu.org/> is already Debian-based but not even 
distributed gratis,

- linuxconf seems an awful monster,

- pppconnector only deals with routing, not with system administration.

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