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Re: It's Time to Talk About Free Software Again

From: Tor Slettnes <tor@slett.net>
> I disagree with you when you say it is due to Eric that the world
> noticed OSS

When in doubt, err on the side of giving more credit rather than less.

> If anything he might become more and more of a bad spokesman to
> more-or-less ignorant & sensation-monging reporters.

Well, the world is full of reporters who don't understand us, and people
who read them. We have to get a different message to those reporters than
they have been hearing from the free software world so far. Fortunately,
we have the means to take control of our news sources. For example, for the
past year I have been collecting reporter's emails for a free software wire
service. It's ready to go. I was also thinking of doing a free-software book
of essays on free software, called "Copy This Book!". That could start with
the few GPL-ed essays from the O'Reilly "Open Sources" book, like mine and
Stallman's, and we could solicit more. These are a few of the strategies we
can use to be in charge of our own news sources.



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