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gcc-2.8.x & Linux 2.2

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted as well.

Hello Linux & gcc gurus.

If coming Linux distribution are ready to use gcc-2.8.x and 
nothing earlier, then please ignore this post.

Both Linux and gcc are advancing fast. Both projects, that is
Linux-kernel and the gcc's egcs project are very valuable to
the software community.
I haven't been following the technical details, but I understand
that there were (still are?) problems using gcc-2.8.1 (or higher)
compiling the kernel.

The improvements in the C++ part of gcc (g++) are very significant.
Serious C++ programmers who use STL cannot stay with or go back to gcc-2.7.x.
Having active installed variants of gcc in Linux environment
is a hassle in terms of Makefile maintenance for developers,
and environment variables setting for run time shared libraries.

Please let me beg: 
  May the coming major Linux distribution, with kernel >= 2.2
  have the necessary patches for gcc-2.8.x.y so a single installed
  gcc with libgcc could compile and run the kernel and
  perform well with C++ templates in general and specifically with STL.

-- yotam
<  Yotam Medini   yotam@blueneptune.com  http://www.blueneptune.com/~yotam/  >

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