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Re: It's Time to Talk About Free Software Again


	I'm glad to see that you're back.  It's been a while since
we've seen your presence here in Debian.  When you left so abruptly,
you left some hard feelings that lingered for a while.  I think that
all parties have had enough time to heal since then.

	I agree with your assessment of the free software/Open Source
situation.  I don't like the way that the Open Source trademark is
being slung around and diluted these days.  It may be time to start
moving back to calling everything we do free software again.  I hope
that the community has learned something from what has been going on.

	Of course, there has been progress, too.  Netscape/Mozilla is
something that I never would have predicted a few years ago.  We've
been seeing an increasing amount of free software; it's just that the
public doesn't understand the free speech/free beer distinction.  As
you say, it is time to teach them.

	Well, I'd better get back to writing code.  It's more fun than
proselytizing, and I'm better at it.


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