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Re: It's Time to Release

Brian White wrote:
> Okay everyone...  enough delays!
> Here's what I would like to do:
> For the next 7 days, now installs will be greatly restricted.  If it
> doesn't fix a critical or grave bug, it doesn't go in.  If it does
> anything _but_ fix a critical or grave bug, it may be rejected anyway.
> Fixes to important bugs <33000 will be considered for installation,
> but not any later ones.

What about sparc specific packages ?
I just uploaded sparc-util (1.2-1) to provide a new tool (tilo) required to
build the sparc bootdisks.
I'm also in the progress of recompiling libc5 (5.3.12) which is currently
Do I have a chance to see them in slink ?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I uploaded a new modconf package to fix a bug in interaction between
    2.2 kernel & boot-floppies (sparc will ship 2.2.1 mainly for basic
    ultrasparc support).

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