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Bug#28850: List of packages that link gettext statically

Richard Braakman wrote:
> Joel Klecker told me that programs that link statically with gettext
> will have "bindtextdomain" defined.  I grepped for that in the Lintian
> lab and got this list:

Wonderful!  Thanks dark!  I was thinking about this for some days but
haven't found time to work on it.

Now that we have the list of packages we need to find out which of them
need to be recompiled.  Alternatively since these are only <20 packages
we could simply recompile them and we're on the secure side.  Are there
objections against this?

> clisp
> dpkg       <-- no suid
> enscript
> gcal
> gettext    <-- fixed
> grep
> id-utils
> info
> libc6      <-- fixed
> olwm
> pspp
> sharutils
> textutils
> xview
> xviewg
> gettext and libc6 are obvious, and are already fixed.  I don't
> know about the rest, or whether they contain suid binaries.
> (I can't grep for that in the lab, because suid bits often get
> set in the postinst.)

If nobody provides that list I'll check it tonight.



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