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Re: Fake award to "the collaborative software community"

In foo.debian-devel, Bruce Perens wrote:
> A recent publicity stunt by Infoworld and O'Reilly and Associates was
> an award to "The Collaborative Software Community" for such achievements
> as Linux and Apache. The award was accepted by Tim O'Reilly. Details are
> at http://www.infoworld.com/ . What's wrong with this picture?
> Why is it being called "collaborative software" rather than "free
> software" or "Open Source"? The reason is simple. "collaborative software"
> is free software without the messy community ethics of the people who
> actually wrote the software. To symbolize this, the award is accepted
> by Tim O'Reilly, who has never written a line of that software, but he
> sure made a whole lot of money out of it! If the award were sincere,
> it would have gone to someone like Linus Torvalds or Richard Stallman,
> who have actually made a contribution to the community. What Tim O'Reilly
> _did_ do was hold a "summit" for free software, at which he locked out
> Richard Stallman. This is hardly a good reason for an award. His second
> summit isn't shaping up to be any better than the first one.

Once the focus shifts away from the ideals of Freedom and towards the
benefits of the development model, this type of confusion is likely to
happen.  I see it as a direct consequence of the promotion of the
"Open Source" moniker.


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