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Re: Sorry, verweigert | sorry, rejected

On Sun, Feb 14, 1999 at 20:05:28 +0100, Holger Rusch wrote:
> Holger Rusch verweigert die Annahme von HTML-Mail. HTML-Mail entspricht
> nicht den Gepflogenheiten. Sende Deine Mail nochmals als Klartext!

> Holger Rusch rejects HTML-mail.
> HTML-mail in not common habit.

You may want to make that a proper sentence like "HTML is not an acceptible
format for email; please use plain text".

And you may want to fix your filter not to send autoreplies to mailing
lists as that's against netiquette.

POPULATION EXPLOSION  Unique in human experience, an event which happened 
yesterday but which everyone swears won't happen until tomorrow.  
- The Hipcrime Vocab by Chad C. Mulligan 

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