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Re: xlib6g now depends on xfree86-common (?)

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999, Richard Braakman wrote:

> Santiago, please get a sense of perspective.
> Branden is working hard to get X ready for the slink release; it's
> one of the few critical things left to do.  And you are distracting
> him with an issue that is supremely unimportant.
> [...]

It is certainly not my intention to "distract" him with this issue.
I'm sorry if this is what it seems to you.

For this very reason, I asked in debian-devel for somebody (else) who
could please enlighten me about this (bogus IMHO) dependency.

If you or somebody else have a good answer, I would like to hear it.
If not, the question[*] will just remain unanswered, and that's all.


[*] What exactly is there in slink's xlib6g that absolutely needs yet
another package that was not already in hamm's xlib6g?

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