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Re: cron has gone to UTC time?

Package: timezones

Kai Henningsen wrote:
> But it doesn't stay that way all the time when you upgrade timezones.  
> Happened to me yesterday.

Aha! I had suspicions thing might be it buy hadn't tracked it down.

> I think this counts as a timezones bug.

I agree.

> Scenario:
> unpack cron
> unpack timezones        - this deletes (!!) /etc/timezone
> setup cron              - cron is now at UTC
> setup timezones         - a correct /etc/timezone is recreated
> This means that during a timezones upgrade, there is a window when the  
> system is running under UTC. During a mass upgrade, this window can be  
> fairly long.
> MfG Kai

see shy jo

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