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Intent to package: webmin (or another Web-based admin tool?)

I intent to package webmin <http://www.webmin.com/webmin/> or 
<http://freshmeat.net/appindex/1998/01/11/884569976.html>. Before giving an 
advice, read on.

I need a simple daily administration tool. I install Linux boxes in places 
such as schools or small non-profit societies - sometimes in the Third World, 
where I cannot perform a lot of support afterthat, who are used only to MacOS 
(or MS-Windows). The Linux box is the Internet device: mail server, the access 
router, the proxy server, etc and the file server. In most cases, using the 
command line even to type 'adduser' is out of question. Even logging in the X 
console is both non-Unix style (I love client-server) and out of question for 
people who are scared by a three button mouse, because "it is not like the 
normal mice". X or curses tools like COAS are therefore excluded (I accept to 
discuss these assumptions, but outside this list).

So, a Web-based admin tool is the solution, at least for simple daily tasks, 
such as adding and removing users, checking the UUCP status, "df" the disks 
and so on. I don't think there is currently such a tool in Debian (flame me if 
I did not search correctly). The only one I know is the admin tool of pingOO 
<http://www.linuxedu.org/>, which is based on a Debian system, but the admin 
tool itself is not distributed, not even under a non-free licence. The other 
alternative is Ben Pfaff's work on "PPP connect" which has two problems: like 
pingOO, it is a full distribution (which I don't need) and, at the present 
time, it is only a router and proxy, there is no mail server, for instance.

So, webmin seems the be the only possibility. Technically, it is a fine job 
and it is very modular, which is an important thing, since there are not two 
identical admin policies. But is has a huge BUT: it is very non-free (see 

If there is no problem, and if webmin.com grants me the authorization, I will 
package it for non-free. But I would be delighted to learn that there is a 
free tool to do the same, even if I must package it myself.

Webmin licence:

What licence is Webmin distributed under?

Versions of Webmin before 1.0 are available for free download, use and 
You may re-distribute a version with additional modules, or change existing 
code for
your own use, but may not re-distribute a modified version of the original 
Changes to the core modules may be submitted back to me for inclusion into the 

Webmin version 1.0 and above will be split into two different distribtions - a 
version with the same licence as described above, and a commercial version that
includes everything in the free one plus some modules that will be commercial.
Commercial modules will not be freely distributablea, and will only be usable 
by the

Because Webmin supports the concept of modules (like PhotoShop plugins), anyone
can develop and distribute their own Webmin modules for any purpose, and 
them under any licence (such as GPL, commercial or shareware). More information
about the Webmin API and writing your own modules is available. 


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