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Re: Intent to package: lynx-ssl, ftp-ssl, telnet-ssl

> ed-ferguson@ti.com writes:
>  > How about also releasing a version of SSLeay package that is linked
>  > against the RSAREF library so the various SSL clients can be used in
>  > the US without infringing the RSA patent?  
> [...] Someone
> inside the US could do so, but then again he would not be allowed to
> put it on a public ftp-server, because it can not be exported.

More precisely, we *can* put it up on a public server, but that
site can't be mirrored outside of the US and Canada.

A second problem is that SSLeay doesn't build against RSAREF.
It's been a month since I last beat my head against this particular
wall, but as I recall

 - the SSLeay makefile contains errors,
 - SSLeay may require RSAREF 2, while PGP requires RSAREF 1 for
   legal reasons.

I also seem to recall severe problems with shared libraries, but
that's probably a reflection on my skills with libtool, not a
general problem.

Bear Giles

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