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problem with slink version of mailman


I just realized that there is an old version of mailman in slink (1.0b4),
which was created by netgod... I took it over later, and there is 1.0b8 in
potato now. Btw mailman is a mailing list software with web support.

The problem is:
the slink version is very buggy, both from the upstream and the packaging
point of view. There are some which should be release critical (like
this upstream one: mail lost when mta is not listening on port 25, due to 
high load or filesystem usage ...) I could fix the packaging problems, but
to fix the upstream bugs it needs to be updated to 1.0b8. So 1.0b4 is not
suitable to be released with slink.

Now we have two options: 
a) remove mailman from slink, this would be a pity because it is a very
nice and useful peace of software
b) move 1.0b8 to slink, which has almost no outstanding bugs (I just need 
to document some things, and probably close some bugs I forgot to close
before :)), works at several places with no problems. I could upload a
version to slink this week. I'd prefer this solution. 

Comments ?

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