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Re: network configuration

(Enrique, consider this an "intent to claim ownership of
/etc/init.d/network" for netbase. I trust it won't be overly painful for
you to change boot-floppies to edit a /etc/network.conf file rather than
generate an init script?)

On Tue, Feb 02, 1999 at 11:51:04AM -0600, Rob Browning wrote:
> Christian Hammers <ch@genesis.westend.com> writes:
> > IMHO no end user should fiddle around with /etc/rc*. Why is there no
> > /etc/network.conf or similar.
> I don't think there's an /etc/network.conf file, but it sounds like a
> good idea.  In general, /etc/init.d network is kind of a strange file
> anway in that you can use it to bring up the network but not bring it
> down (as you can with all the other /etc/init.d scripts).  

Also note that /etc/init.d/network *isn't* actually maintained by netbase.
It's created by bootfloppies and left to be maintained by the sysadmin.

(see Bug#31745 for some other comments about this)

> I think it
> would be nice to pull out the config data to a file in /etc and make
> /etc/init.d network more like the other scripts in /etc/init.d, but
> there may be a good reason not to.  

(There's also the spoof protection stuff from /etc/init.d/netbase that
will probably be being moved somewhere else too)

> If I were you, I'd contact Anthony and see what he thinks...

Boo. :)

The next thing I'm going to be doing with netbase is getting all the
upstream versions as in-sync as possible (ie, fixing the dozen bugs about
programs, checking for different upstream sources for various programs,
and so on), so if anyone here wants to play around with this and submit a
(well explained) patch, please feel free to do so.


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