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Re: -rpath with libtool and Debian Linux

   Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 16:33:02 -0600
   From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>

   > How does the current packaging system allows me to test one version of
   > a package while other users of the same host are running a stable
   > version of that tool?  Or are the GNU/Linux distributions all moving
   > towards the Micro$oft model of single-user workstations?

   So, you tell me.  How can you run one version of the kernel while others run
   a different one?  How about sendmail?  You expect the system to somehow
   magically know that an incoming SMTP connect will be delivering you mail,
   and fire up your own "special" version?  wu-ftpd?  Apache?  Frankly, that is
   not practical on a multi-user system.  You are the one asking us to move
   towards the M$ model.

This is really a sidetrack, but it's pretty each to test specific
programs, although it's probably impossible on Linux to test a
specific kernel.  To test sendmail, ftpd, or Apache, just run them on
a different port number, and arrange to connect to that port for
testing purposes.  I did stuff like this all the time when I was
packaging and testing Kerberos releases.


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