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Re: BTS says qmail's sendmail-clone is broken

Phillip R. Jaenke wrote:
> Using /var/spool/mail/$USER is where it blows up. That's not what qmail is
> meant to do. Qmail is meant to deliver using the MBOX format. Which means
> mail is delivered to $HOME/Mailbox, as opposed to /var/spool/mail/$USER.

> This is a much safer and more secure method. Of course, with network
> mounted home directories, sometimes you might lose bits and pieces, but
> it'll happen with a network mounted /var/spool too.

But those are not the alternatives.  It is easy to keep /var/spool
local to the mail server.  It is not so easy to keep all home
directories on the mail server.  So the comparison should be between
network mounted home directories, or a local spool.

Richard Braakman

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