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Re: Bug#29166: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before releasing Slink

On Tue, Feb 02, 1999 at 12:23:34PM +0100, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Solving this bug is trivial, but you choose to downgrade its severity.
> Do you mean you don't plan to fix it before slink release?

No, I do not mean that.  But you never came up with a way in which people
lost functionality by having the old packages around, so it's fundamentally
an esthetic issue and as such, not release-critical.

We've been over this ground before.  It's an ugly problem and you proposed
an ugly solution.  I still intend to fix it one way or another for the
slink release.

Please go find another pet issue now.  My top priorities at the moment are
the alpha and sparc patches.  Stop harassing me for not prioritizing tasks
in the same manner that you would.

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