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[OFF TOPIC HUMOR] Was told this today...

#include <stddisclaimer.h>

There was this priest and a nun and they were out driving
through the countryside on their way back from a retreat
and they got a little misdirected and then it started
pouring rain so they decided since it was getting late that
they'd stop at a place and get a room....

Unfortunately, everything in the town they stopped in was
full, save a little motel which had a small room
available... the room only had one bed and so the priest
volunteered to sleep on the floor, being the old fashioned
type and all..

As they settled down to sleep, the nun suddenly said
"Father, I'm awfully cold..." and of course the priest
hopped up like a good gentleman and got her an extra
blanket, awfully nice of him don't you think?

Anyway, he asked if she would be okay and she said that she
thought she would be, thanked him, and he lay back down.  A
short while later she said again that she felt cold and our
priest offered her another blanket.  She smiled and he
covered her with another layer.

A bit later still she spoke again, "Father?  You don't
suppose God would... be angry if we acted as man and
wife---just for tonight--do you?

He sat up and looked at her somewhat strangely and thought
about it a moment.  He answered her then, "No sister, I
don't believe he would at that..."  He lay back down and
continued:  "...so this time you can get up and get your
own damned blanket."

Anticipation is the sweetest form of torture...

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