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Re: Crack? Cops?

On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Bear Giles wrote:

> I noticed in my slink snapshot (from last month) that 'cracklib2' exists,
> 'crack-dict' is suggested but *doesn't* exist (either as a package or
> in the 'Packages' list), and 'crack' is nowhere to be seen.

I packaged cracklib2 and still plan on packaging crack-dict.  No plans
for crack yet.

> Is the omission of 'crack' deliberate, or does it need a maintainer?
> US export policy should be no more of a problem than it is with 
> /bin/passwd and /bin/login.

Yes deliberate.

> On a related note, I noticed that 'cops' is absent.  Again, is this
> deliberate or does it need a maintainer?

No maintainer for this one either.  Go for it.

Jean Pierre

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