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Logo contest

Here is the announcement of the logo contest I intend to send out later
today, since the gimp contest starts today. If anyone has commments
please tell me about them so I can make changes.


As you might know Debian GNU/Linux is the second largest Linux distribution,
The Debian project is more then just Linux now: we are also working on a HURD
distribution, in close cooperation with the HURD developers.

Currently we have a semi-official logo, which you can see at
http://www.debian.org/logos/debianlogo-2.jpg . A majority of Debian developers
however is not happy with this logo, partly due to how it was chosen and
partly due to how it looks. As a result we are searching for a new logo
that might replace the current one.
Another change that we want to make is that we would like to have two logos:
one logo with a very liberal license that everyone is free to use (for example
on things like webpages, shirts, etc.), and a more official logo with a
restricted license which can only be used on more official things (like Cd's
produced with our official iso-images). Please note both license are not
finished yet.

Of course an important item is: what exactly constitutes a logo? Bruce
Perens gave the following description of a logo once (Nov 1997):

  I think it's important to look at a logo for a very short time without any
  prejudice (less than 1/2 second), and then think to yourself "what did I
  see?". The immediate answer should be "the debian logo". It should not be
  confused with anything else like two letters, the "Tux" the penguin, etc.

This should give a nice indication of what a logo is all about. The following
criteria also apply:

* it must look good in black & white
* it must be scalable
* it should not be too detailed, so it works in low resolution
* works both with and without text at the bottom (can be ignored if the text
  `Debian' is part of the logo)

With the extra requirement that each submission must consist of 2 logos
as I explained before.

The winning logo will be decided on by the Debian developers. Since
there are a lot of those it will take 3-4 weeks to decide who the winner

The winner will be awarded an email-address at debian.org, a CD-set
with Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 for the architectures of his/her choice (alpha,
i386, m68k, or sparc) and ever-lasting fame for creating the one and only
Debian logo-set.


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