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domex SCSI install disk


My name is Pierre Ljungberg and I have a little problem. I have a domex
UW SCSI controller and UW SCSI disk that I would like to install Debian
on, but the controller is not supported by Your distribution install
However I have downloaded a patch for the kernel to make the controller

My question is:
Can I some how make my own install disk that will identify my SCSI
controller and allow me to install Debian Linux on my SCSI disk, if so,
then how?

I really hope You can help me with this because I would really like to
use Debian.
Thank You very much.

Pierre Ljungberg
Software Engineering Student
University of Ronneby, Soft Center

email: pt97plj@student.hk-r.se
email: diesel@caps.nu
ICQ: 7697459
Folkparks vägen 14:1
372 38 Ronneby

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