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Intent to package netStreamer

NetStreamer is Internet Radio at its finest (=.  There is a server, a
transmitter, and a reciever -- all following the radio station analogy.

The Server listens for receivers and also sends out the transmitters data.
the transmitter(s) take audio from stdin, /dev/{audio,dsp}, or .tape files and
sends them to the Server where the reciever steps in.
the receiver listens on a server and can tune into any transmitter on that

This is like Shoutcast, but with infinitely more ability.  Plug a radio into
the PC input jack and you can broadcast over the Internet.  or cd audio, or
your mp3 collection.  Whatever.  Even do a real Radio broadcast with a mic.

The software is currently in a state of not compiling.  Will get this fixed
soon.  hope to have a package up in a week or so.  will see.

BTW it is all GPL and there is even a Windows client.  Making other clients
should not be difficult, all the source is here.

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